Chicken Enchiladas with Corn + Black Beans

Prepare yourself for a new cheesy, flavorful family fave!

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So I don’t know about you but in our house anytime it’s Mexican night it’s the favorite night of the week… anytime it’s chicken enchilada night? Well then I’d better have made double so we can have it twice. Seriously, I’ve considered making a triple batch of these every time just to freeze ’em for another night. This to me is comfort food in its finest form, maybe my comfort palate is a bit off but there’s something about cheesy, chickeny goodness topped with sauce and rolled into a tortilla that just makes my tummy happy. This is also a dish I make for family or friends with new babies (nothing says welcome baby like Mexican food.. well maybe this mac n cheese) it’s so delicious + also freezes well (just freeze without the sauce and add it later).

The nice thing about this recipe is you can add other favorites to it, remove things from it + it will still taste great. In the past we’ve subbed shredded beef for the chicken + made it without the black beans. It can also be made with grilled chicken, oven baked chicken, or shredded chicken (recipe for the crock pot below, so easy, so so good). I am also tempted to try it out with a green enchilada sauce. Change it up + see how your family best enjoys it!



Chicken enchiladas with corn + black beans

-1 lb. cooked chicken breast (we love making easy shredded salsa chicken in the slow cooker for this, but you can sub grilled or even oven roasted chicken)
-1 cup black beans
-1 cup frozen oven roasted corn (can sub 1 cup canned or regular frozen corn too)
-1 can diced green chiles
-6 enchilada tortillas (we like the corn + flour ‘enchilada style’ ones by chi-chi’s brand)
-1 can red enchilada sauce (I’ve yet to find or make one better than the La Voctoria mild red enchilada sauce)
-1 bag shredded cheddar cheese (more or less to taste, everyone’s cheese preferences are very personal 😉 )
-additional toppings: fresh cilantro, avocado, sour cream

Easy shredded chicken this chicken is great in a number of other recipes too, try it in tacos, on nachos (yum) or in some quick quesadillas!

-1 lb. chicken breast
-juice of 1/2 lime
-1/2 jar of your favorite salsa
-1 Tbs. taco seasoning
Place the chicken in your slow cooker, top with all the ingredients + give it a stir. Close the lid + let the slow cooker work its magic for ya! 6-8 hours on low or 3-5 hours on high. Then just shred it with a fork and add it to your favorite recipe.


Start by prepping all of your ingredients, an assembly line of sorts works best here. Rinse + drain 1 cup of black beans and pour into a bowl. Measure out the corn (you can add it straight from the freezer) + put into a bowl. Also line up your diced green chiles, red enchilada sauce, cooked chicken, shredded cheese + 6 tortillas. While you are prepping your ingredients preheat the oven to 375 degrees + grease your baking dish (I typically use a longer one to squeeze as many enchiladas as possible into it).

Begin the assembly process by grabbing a tortilla and spreading roughly 2 spoonfuls of enchilada sauce inside of it. Add to that about 1/6 of your chicken, it should be somewhere around 1/4 cupful. And add 1/6 of the corn, 1/6 of the black beans + 1/6 of the green chiles. Top it all off with some cheese, roll it up + add it to your prepared dish. Repeat this step until all the enchiladas are full + in the baking dish. Next evenly pour the remaining enchilada sauce over your enchiladas + (generously) top with cheese. Pop it all into the oven for 20-25 minutes, keeping a watchful eye on that cheese. Pull it out once it’s all gooey + melty + let cool for 5 minutes prior to serving. Be sure to top with all your favorite toppings + enjoy.

I hope you get a chance to make these, they are easy + a crowd pleaser. If you do be sure to use #welldressdchef so I can see too! Happy weekend. xo, Jules.



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