Picnic with Heinen’s #SummerwithHeinens

There are certain summer activities that are more like annual traditions for the local Clevelander: BBQs at your favorite aunt’s house, pool days with your littles, ice cream dates at Chagrin Falls Popcorn shop, or picnics at your favorite Metropark. I have vivid memories growing up doing all of these each year + they have proved to be some of the best memories of my summers. So when Heinen’s approached me to partner with them + go on a picnic I was so excited.

Heinen’s is my go-to grocery store for everything we possibly need to fill our fridge + pantry. They carry everything from our favorite big box brands to locally sourced seasonal fruits + veggies. Their deli is incredible + their produce is always so fresh + ripe. Plus, their staff is so knowledgeable + helpful. Want to know the real difference between 2 cuts of meat? Which fish is the flakiest on the grill? Or what salsa is a little sweet, a little spicy + tastes Garden fresh? They’ve got you covered. Plus, their bakery… the bomb. I mean, I have a serious, on-going relationship with breads + baked goods of every variety + Heinen’s always has fresh baked goodies that we just can’t pass up (true story, my husband may have a real Chinese cookie addiction to their cookies).

For our picnic I picked up some of our usual go-to deli favorites like Heinen’s Two Brother’s off the bone turkey breast + Two Brother’s smoked Gouda cheese (so tasty!) + a big fresh baked baguette to make sandwiches with. I then grabbed some Italian salami + sweet + crunchy pickles- ya know, to round out our ‘main course’ 😉

I also grabbed 2 small pieces of cheese from their ‘just enough basket’- this basket of cheesy goodness may just be the most genius thing ever! Imagine, you want just a taste of some new + exciting cheeses to go with your evening glass of Pinot noir or rose, but you just can’t commit to a whole wheel or block… so they created a section of small pieces (usually good for 1-2 people to enjoy) that easily addresses this and voila. The perfect amount of yummy without going overboard! It’s also really helpful if you are stuck between cheeses (I’ll admit, I often can’t pick just one variety to walk away with) and want to try more than one kind.

To accompany the cheese I grabbed some Heinen’s Stone Ground crackers + made my way to the produce section where I stocked up on some perfectly ripe fruits + berries. I also ended up buying some melon + tossing it with feta + home grown basil for a yummy melon salad just to keep things interesting. 😉 on my way to the exit I grabbed a few bottles of Heinen’s most prized summer beverage….. no, not rose, but their sparkling lemonades! 😉 These were the perfect chilled drinks to serve alongside our meal. And for dessert? Mini Chinese cookies from the bakery.

I packed up the goodies + treated my mom + sister to a little girl’s night picnic at Horseshoe Lake in Shaker Heights. We Clevelanders are pretty lucky, we have our pick of gorgeous parks all our Northeast Ohio + Horseshoe Lake is so beautiful this time of year. We went just as the sun had begun to set so it was a quiet, relaxing evening filled with delicious food + much needed after a busy weekend chasing a toddler around!

If you’re planning a picnic or a BBQ Heinen’s has you covered. Whether you feel like cooking for 10 or just grabbing take out for 2 (hello sushi bar + prepared foods section) they will have everything you need + it will always be fresh + oh, so delicious. And I promise, once you turn to Heinen’s for your grocery needs you may not want to shop anywhere else!

Happy food Friday loves. May your weekend be filled with picnics + fun. Xo, jules
**Disclosure: I was approached by Heinen’s to go on a picnic + share my experience. All opinions are my own**

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