Back to Basics with Sanity

Happy Monday loves! I’ll admit, I have a love-hate relationship with Monday’s. On the one hand it’s the first day of the week, the weekend is over and there’s always a long to-do list to tackle waiting for me which makes me dread getting out of bed.  On the other hand, I am always most motivated and productive at the beginning of the week. I’m healthiest too, with a fully stocked fridge and fresh recipe ideas from the weekend. There’s definitely weeks where, dare I say it, I actually look forward to Monday (gasp!). This week is already proving to be one of those latter Mondays and today is definitely going to be a busy but productive day. It also helps for me to have fun things planned early to mid-week to look forward to like a fun date night, pool day or girls night.

Mondays also usually mean I’m wearing one of two things all day: workout clothes (remember I’m much more motivated 😉 so I usually get my best workout of the week in) or basics. Style-wise I’m often operating on auto-pilot and grabbing something easy to throw on before running out the door. So I was so excited to team up with Sanity in Chagrin Falls to help spice up some of my typical go-to basics! Sanity is a local boutique that offers the latest styles in everything from the cutest on-trend jeans with frayed + step hems (more on that soon) to dresses, accessories and shoes and more. Isabel, the petite and adorable owner has an incredible eye for style and is always there to offer help and advice. If you’re a Cleveland local and haven’t been to Sanity yet, I highly recommend stopping in to spruce up your fall wardrobe- their denim selection is on point right now with brands like Joe’s Jeans and Flying Monkey. Plus, Chagrin Falls has a number of great boutiques to help you get ready for the new season ahead, so your trip out will definitely be worthwhile. And if you’re not local? Well you’re still in luck, Sanity will ship for FREE to you.

When I stopped in recently I was instantly drawn to all the basics. Despite loving all the pretty patterns, trendy off the shoulder tops, fun dresses and distressed shorts, I am always pulled to clean and simple basics. I ended up with a black denim mini skirt with distressed detailing that I fell in love with. I’m normally not one for skirts, I always pick jeans/pants or a dress over a skirt, but this one was so cute and so flattering on that I couldn’t resist. (Side note: I was shopping the Nsale (Nord’s infamous Anniversary sale) and I spied a gorgeous similar looking black denim mini skirt at a much higher price point.) I paired the look with one of their staple items: a bodysuit. Now, bodysuits are a funny thing, I hadn’t really gotten into the trend until recently but if you find the right one they’re actually kind of amazing! No need to continually “tuck” your top in or worry about it shifting and moving. The one I picked was a light gray Henley style and so comfy and soft! I also added a medium blue denim jacket with moto detailing and my new favorite hat (also from Sanity). Then I threw on tried and true black peep toe Vince booties and some sunnies.

To check out more of the awesome styles available to you or for more information visit Sanity’s instagram @sanitystyle or call them at (440)-893-9279. xo, jules


*Disclaimer: this is a partner post with Sanity. All opinions shared are my own.*

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