The Best Kind of LBD

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not much of a little black dress girl. Yes, I know the value of a great LBD. Yes, I know that it is one of greatest closet staples of all time… but I just didn’t find myself ever reaching for the LBDs I’d collected over the years. I would opt for just about any other dress or even pants and a top when putting myself together. But recently I had a change of heart, a revelation really. I realized that little black dresses are kind of awesome and miraculous if you find a style that works for you time and time again. And maybe that was my problem in years past. I would buy a little black dress thinking this would be the dress, the one I would reach for over and over again but then it would fall short. It either had a style that would date it over the years or something that just made me feel less “me” and more like I was following the advice of some magazine and trying on someone else’s style. Or worse yet, instead of being an easy throw-on-go-anywhere piece the dress would feel like I was going to a business meeting or a fancy dinner everytime and I would spend the whole time wearing it feeling uncomfortable. Ugh. You see my dilemma. So I swore off all little black dresses. I decided they weren’t for me. I needed one that could go under a jean jacket and pair of sneakers as well as a pair of heels and statement necklace. I needed a dress to go from Monday-Friday play/lunch dates to Saturday nights- Sundays in a snap.

Well you guys, I realized the problem wasn’t the little black dress, it was the style I was buying. I was at Anthropologie a few months ago and found a black shift dress with short sleeves that quickly turned into one of my favorite, easy, go-to dresses and I realized I’d never been so wrong. And then recently I’d noticed a lot of really great laced slip dresses making a resurgence and I knew this was what I had been waiting for. After searching high and low I stumbled upon a fantastic option from H&M for only $35! This one had the lace details, the flowy ease that slipdresses posses and the versatility to make me want to spin around in circles in front of my mirror. It is perfect. I’ve already worn it styled above to a Billy Joel concert at the Cleveland Indians stadium as well as out and about and grabbing lunch with some tennis shoes and a olive green army jacket.

Here it’s paired with my favorite blush suede mules that I can’t wait to take into early fall, a classic jean jacket, a long gold necklace and a black bag. The perfect summer date night combo.

I also just saw a great LBsD (little black slip dress) by Topshop that is part of the infamous Nsale that I may or may not have ordered (hehe now that I found the style that works I can’t seem to stop lol). I’ve linked it below for ya!

Happy hump day/wine Wednesday. Xo, jules

exact slip dress {fits TTS and is a bit loose, I am wearing size 2} // asymmetrical hem slip dress {currently on sale for $35} // another great LBsD {additional 30% off right now!} // exact suede mules {on sale and so worth it} // exact jean jacket {such a great classic for any season} // RM tassel bag {40% off} // super similar style tassel crossbody bag {for a fraction of the Gucci bag!} //

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