Jogger Chic Date Nights

You may know by now that joggers are one of my go-to style bottoms. I love them in all fabrics: breezy linens, slinky jersey and obviously comfy cotton ones for lounging. I think a lot of people out there misinterpret “jogger” to mean sweatpants or athleisure at best. Well, I’m here to set the record straight that jogger is a loose term used to describe the most comfy-casual-chic pants you need in your life.

See, so much of how dressy and nice something is has to do with fabric. Take the olive joggers I’m wearing for example. They are this great jersey material with a slight sheen which means they give when they need to but never look sloppy. They can certainly be dressed down but they really look best spruced up, styled like the cooler cousin of the slack/dress pant. Throw in some heels, a blouse and a blazer and you’re ready for meetings from 9-5. Or, do like I did and pair them with some super glam shoes and a casual, chic black top and hat for fun date night. Unlike traditional joggers that most people are used to this fabric is light and has movement. So if you’re hunting for a pair on the nicer side that can be worn to do anything from casual travel to business days look for pants that have less cotton in their make up (or avoid it at all) and trouser-like features (stitched pockets, etc) to keep things looking less like lounge pants and more like dress pants. Unfortunately my exact pants are older and sold out but I’ve rounded up some similar ones for you below! And I’ve included a link to those amazing heels for you as well.

Let’s talk about those shoes shall we? I mean, as a very lucky owner of a very pretty pair of Valentino Rockstuds I can tell you 1) they are gorgeous but so very very expensive and 2) they are not comfortable (no surprise there) but they are these beautiful bright blue beauties that completed my “something blue” for my wedding so I love them anyway.

Now these gorgeous dupes? They are exact replicas of the Valentino Rockstud sandal and they are a fraction of the cost. Have I also mentioned they are super comfy?? And that they come in many other colors AND that you could have them in 2 days time (Amazon Prime members)?? What are you waiting for, go get yourself a pair!!

Happy shopping. xo, jules

similar olive joggers {these are the closest pair to mine that I’ve seen!} // another jogger pant option {under $45} // Valentino Rockstud Dupes {at under $100 these are an amazing deal} // black button down top // similar straw hat //

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