Channeling my Inner School Girl

Oh sweater dresses… how I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love them when they are in a warm cozy fabric, the perfect length, and in a timeless shape and color. But I hate when they are super on trend, too tight, not warm enough, or too short. Luckily this great heather gray dress ticks off all the boxes for me and though I’ve had it for a few seasons now, it’s one I go back to every year and always find new ways to change it up.

I recently did a huge wardrobe overhaul and purged all the things that were no longer ‘me’ and just lingering around in my closet just in case I’d find a use for them (aka talk myself into wearing them again and mentally hate it the entire time). What did I learn from this little exercise? I have way too much clothing I don’t wear, trends are not always for me, neutrals really are a girl’s best friend, and black and white are always in.

A huge section that needing clearing out was my dresses. While tops and pants can be made to work by mixing and matching, tucking and belting, dresses are more black and white for me. They either fit and make ya feel great or they don’t. I had a few too many that just were not my type, not flattering, a trend from seasons past, or just made me feel so meh. Out they went. What I was left with was a few timeless dresses in mostly neutral shades and quality fabrics. One of those was of course this wool gray sweater dress.

Here I threw it over a silk cream blouse buttoned up and topped with a black bow necktie and some over the knee boots that had me digging the somewhat school-girl vibes of the neck tie and collar.

This outfit combo is not rocket science but sometimes you find you only really wear the one dress all season long- so dang it why not make it different and new each wear? I’ve also worn it in the past to holiday parties with a sequin belt at the waist, dangly earrings and laced black tights as well as paired with a great brown suede jacket and boots or for casual days with an extra cozy cardi for added warmth, oversized scarf and some sperry boots with chunky socks. What I’m trying to say is, if it’s a dress that works over and over again then it’s a keeper and you can always find new ways to reinvent and make it different and exciting. If I could only keep one for the season in my closet it would for sure be a great sweater dress like this with just enough give to layer under and just enough siloughette to add layers on top.

Happy Almost Halloween my Pumkins! Xo, Jules
Nearly identical gray sweater dress {mine is BR’s Italian wool + it’s held up amazingly} // Silk cream button down {splurge} // Off white button down {save, side note: I have this top and love it, so many compliments} // Stuart Weitzman 5050 OTK boot {super steal but also super limited sizing left if you’re lucky!} // OTK dupe for the 5050 boot {so pretty!} //

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