Best Way to Try New Trends

Updating my favorite classic casual staples with a fun and trendy piece is top of my list for ways to stay current with all the great trends out there right now while also keeping your favorite classics in rotation and keeping yourself from over indulging in items that come and go with the seasons.

When off the shoulder tops (OTS) first starting gaining speed and a cult like obsession among bloggers and clothing brands alike, I was totally 100% on board. I wanted one in every type of top, every fabric and for every season! Suddenly I found myself with a very full but also impractical and not very ‘me’ closet of OTS tops. So I had to back track a little, put on the breaks and really dig deep to figure out which off the shoulder tops I needed and could add to my wardrobe and which were going to be a pass for me.

Ones I added: a flowy summery pleated top (cuz romance + flow, duh), a chunky knit perfectly slouchy nude sweater, a navy bodysuit for tucking into tight bottoms and overalls, and finally a black stretchy, easy to dress up or down fitted top. Unbelievably this top is from Gap, though no longer available in many sizes, so I’ve linked several others for ya. I paired it with a favorite pair of ripped jeans, some classic converse, a bold red lip and gold accessories. For chillier fall days you  can always pop a black leather jacket over top too.

If you’ve been following along you may have noticed a trend here, I’ve been working hard to slowly but surely purge my closet from of the moment and for the moment only bits and pieces and add in pieces that will serve me well season after season after season. All too often I (like so many others) am sucked in by a trend I see everywhere that quickly fades from view once the season is over. Sometimes it’s an awesome one that is worth a try in moderation, while other times I fall victim to styles that are just not for me. So I’ve been working hard to check myself before making an impulse buy. And also asking myself if I can create at least 3-4 outfits with the new trendy piece and existing pieces in my wardrobe. I have literally sat in a dressing room and contemplated potential outfit ideas for any new piece I am trying on (and walked out empty handed) on numerous occasions.

Hope that trick helps you out when the urge to grab up some new pieces strikes!

Halfway to the weekend babes! Xo, jules

exact top, limited sizing available // love this bodysuit OTS {makes tucking into jeans a breeze!} // Black OTS top // chic OTS elbow length  {on sale} // classic converse kicks // similar jeans, same brand // same brand jeans again {classic blue color and on sale!} // similar style earrings // super cool earrings {like seriously, how cool are these?!} //

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