The Sweetest Days of Fall

With the holidays fast approaching and bringing with them snow and lots of running around I’ve been holding onto and savoring these gorgeous fall photos my sister captured earlier last month with my son. To say he is the best part of every day and every season is an understatement.

Words cannot describe what being his mama means to me, he is like a small piece of my very heart and soul and I love watching him explore the world like it’s a new and magical place each day.

I definitely spend most of my days in sweats or workout clothes (hoping that by doing so my clothing will motivate me to exercise-ha) but I always try to make an effort to put on some real clothes to leave the house. Maybe it’s from my working days or maybe it’s just something I picked up from my European raised mother, but getting dressed in “real clothes” is something I truly look forward to each day. It obviously also has a lot to do with my love for clothing and styling too.

On the chilly fall days I do have errands or meetings I end up in a pretty simple fall uniform of sorts: cozy and chic sweater, jeans or skinny pants, and a simple but comfortable shoe or boot. There’s not much need to get any fancier than that. And this gorgeous sweater from Free People fits the bill for all that and so much more. I have worn it casually running about town, to various family gatherings (it would be such a perfect Thanksgiving dinner sweater) and dressed up for date night. It’s neither too light or too warm and can easily be layered under warm coats or over laced tanks for extra warmth. Plus those beautiful bell sleeves? Too good. I have been obsessed with them since the moment I saw it.

exact Free People sweater // tie bell sleeve sweater {under $60!} // same brand, similar black skinny jean // similar leather mules // beautiful black mule {an unbelievable steal!} //

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