An Apple a Day…

It’s no secret that I am big autumn enthusiast. It is by far the best season of all if you ask me. The crisp air, the colors all around, the way the sun sets seem extra golden and beautiful and the fruits and veggies are always taste the best. So when Heinen’s reached out to me about a new apple that would be sold exclusively at their stores I was totally on board. Their newest apple, the Evercrisp is a cross between a honeycrisp (my favorite apple of all time) and a fuji (my second favorite apple of all time). To say I was super excited to try these new apples out and report back to you would be an understatement.

These apples have a longer window of ripeness compared to their less available parent the honeycrisp being ripe and ready for eating from November through roughly early February. These are also perfect for snacking (my fave) and baking. Plus, these they stay fresh just sitting on your counter for weeks without brown spots or becoming too soft.

I picked up a few to try along with some popcorn, apple cider, cheddar cheese and crackers to make a well rounded snacking picnic. I lucked out on it being one of the last remaining gorgeous fall days and grabbed up some cozy blankets and hot cider for a little picnic in the yard. The apples were crisp and juicy with a sweet tartness and paired great with the cheddar cheese and salty popcorn.

Happy weekend before Thanksgiving loves. xo, Jules

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*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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