Sparkle into all your Holiday Parties, Pt. 3 (Blue Jeans made for Dress up)

Welcome friends to the third and final installment of my little holiday dressing mini series! If you missed it: part I and part II can be caught here. By now the holiday merriment should be well underway for most of us! And while I love shopping as much as the next gal, (ok, probably more than the next gal) I usually just don’t have it in me this time of year. And I hate standing in front of my closet before a festive holiday event and scrambling.

Today’s outfit is one you can likely pull together out of existing pieces you already own or at most by adding one new and on trend element to your closet. The super simple formula? A great pair of blue straight leg jeans (comfy element) + a black silky blouse (classic element) + faux fur vest (on trend element) + your favorite pair of ankle booties or heels. Easy, casual, and slightly dressed up all at once.

Luckily for me I already owned 3/4 of this formula in my closet that just needed to be paired together with a great pair of straight leg jeans. I mean, this outfit is nothing new but I was really hoping to find a pair of light blue straight leg jeans to make it up to date. In the past I’ve worn this vest and blouse combo with black skinny jeans tucked into over the knee boots and loved it- but this time around I was looking for something to make it feel more on trend and even a bit casual for an understated night out this time of year.

Well I didn’t have to look too far or too hard. My favorite local shop Haven (are you sick of hearing about this place yet?) had the perfect jeans, in the perfect wash with the perfect fit. Seriously, these GRLFRND Helena jeans fit like a dream and will go with just about anything you throw their way. They can be dressed up, dressed down, and worn year round. They’re amazing. Just the right ankle skimming length that requires no hemming (petite girls dream right there) and pairs perfectly with booties, elegant hells or tennis shoes alike. I was sold. Outside of a pair of Rag & Bone light wash straight leg jeans I recently scored and a super old and distressed straight leg pair of Joe’s jeans I just could not find the right fit for a slim fitting straight jean. I’d tried all the Levi’s, the Frame Denim, Everlane, Madewell and every other major brand under the sun to come up unimpressed with their fit (at least on me) until I happened to pull these on.

If you’re looking for a great pair of jeans and coming up short with your usual big name brands- check out Haven‘s unique selection. The fit, wash and styles of their denim is always on point and the shop owner Cori will give you a 100% honest opinion  on just how great your bum really looks in any given pair as well as some ideas of what you can mix and match your new denim with. 😉

So the overall takeaway of this holiday dressing mini-series? You don’t need to go all out searching and splurging for party outfits just to get through the season. You can totally mix and match pieces you already own by adding 1 festive and special piece to your wardrobe and leaving the rest of your budget and time free to shop for gifts. If nothing else, I hope these posts have helped you reevaluate the beautiful pieces you already have in your closet and dust ’em off to find new ways to style them. Nothing is worse than buying an all new outfit head-to-toe to realize it’s either a) so over dressed it doesn’t fit your life the other 364 days of the year and will be useless or b) only covers you for 1 party and the pieces don’t play well with the other ones currently in your wardrobe. I don’t know about you but I have done that far too many times in Holidays Past and I made a vow not to repeat that mistake moving forward. So this year I invested in simple pieces that are classic yet special and festive and found ways to incorporate them into my existing wardrobe, making for one well prepared and well dress’d mama. Here’s to hoping you do the same.

Check out part I and II of the mini series here:

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Xo, Jules

GRLFRND Helena Denim // Similar black silk button blouse {Mine is J. Crew from a few years ago but I have worn it infinite times in infinite ways and love it more and more with each wear, no joke} // Splurge worthy black silk blouse {trust me when I say you won’t regret a splurge on a classic, relaxed, and feminine black silk blouse} // similar burgundy faux fur vest {remember what I said about dusting off old pieces this time of year? my vest is beyond old from American Eagle and I still love it} // exact DVF booties {go with everything and anything, TTS and very comfortable} // similar pair DVF Boots {love these as well, such a great price too} //

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