Keeping Summer Alive with Malibu Rum

Happy Wednesday loves! As much as I love Fall I have realized I am not a big fan of the season that follows after. Where we live the winter is long and usually bitterly cold, the once fluffy white snow quickly turning into wet gray sludge that sticks to your shoes and splashes your clothes… just an overall feeling of yuck. Don’t get me wrong, I’m good with winter up until about mid-January and then as soon as we celebrate my little snow baby’s birthday I am so over the cold. I find myself dreaming of sunny days, sandy beaches and cool ocean breezes instead and living for the little warm weather getaways when we can take them. But this year I think I may have found an even better solution. Drinking summery, tropical drinks with Malibu Rum.

When Malibu reached out asking about how I liked to keep the #spiritofsummer alive I jumped at the opportunity to recreate my favorite flavors and tastes of summer even in winter. Luckily, we were traveling somewhere warm and tropical for the week of Christmas so it wasn’t hard to have a delicious fruity cocktail while poolside and imagine it was still summer even if it was Christmas week.

Typically I’m strictly a vodka gal (blame my Russian genes) and at most I have been known to order a Moscow Mule. But on vacation? I love a not-too-sweet, fruitful, refreshing cocktail. Mojitos without sugar or simple syrup are the perfect answer to this. Plus, fresh muddled mint, fruit and a little coconut liquor just go so well together.

Since it was Christmas Day I decided to keep things festive and whip up a refreshing cranberry mojito. Then I donned my swimsuit and hung out by the pool. Towards evening I threw on a bright red Zara knit, (you may remember it from here and all over my insta feed-what can I say, it’s become a major favorite), to stay a little warmer and sipped a sunset cocktail by the dock. And if you’ve never used a lightweight sweater as a coverup? Well you’ve been missing out. Come evening time it’s the perfect way to transition your swimsuit for cooler temps while still being pool ready. 🙂

Hoping you’re somewhere warm right now or at the very least hoping you can craft up a fruity cocktail with Malibu and imagine you’re somewhere warm. Cheers, Jules

Zara knit {TTS, on sale!} // White bikini top {currently sale for 30% off} // Perforated white bikini bottom {super steal, fit TTS} //Tortoise sunnies {one of my all time favor sunglasses. So good and such a steal} //

*This post was sponsored by Malibu Rum, all opinions shared are my own.

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