All the cozy layers

Brrr. Is it just me or has it not warmed up at all this winter? It seems like this winter is just determined to stay cold and keep us in it’s frozen grasp. In years past it has only gotten down to single digits a few times and never lasted more than a few days. So, instead of getting to wear cute sweaters and some nice heeled booties I’ve been bunkering down in layers and layers of warmth. I’ve been living in snow trekking boots over wool socks, beanies, and thermals layered under thick wool sweaters. But, it hasn’t been all bad. Take my most recent Sandro pieces for example. They are so warm and so chic that I really don’t mind layering up in them over and over until we’re back in the double digits for the remainder of winter. 😉

On the drier days I do manage to kick aside my big, mean snow crunching boots and slip into my new nike high tops. And guys, I am obsessed. They are so comfortable, so cute and honestly, kinda cozy. The higher top keeps my ankles from being exposed to the biting cold air and keeps my leggings or pants tucked tight against my legs. Plus I am really enjoying pairing these with just about any outfit I can come up with. I have loved them with leather leggings and an oversized cozy camel sweater with a beanie thrown on top. An easy way to take faux leather leggings into daytime and make them way more casual.

The sweater and coat are both beautiful wool pieces by Sandro and honestly they are both far warmer, softer, and even more lovely than they look. For added warmth in these frigid temps I’ve been tucking in a long sleeve Henley or thermal beneath even my warmest sweaters and layering wool socks under all my pants. Just trying to keep cozy and chic and chug onward until Spring starts to peek in a little bit.

Hope you are staying warm babes. Xo, Jules

similar wool camel sweater // lace up detail camel sweater // similar Sandro wool coat // similar gray wool coat // similar gray wool coat without hood // similar faux leather leggings // faux leather legging option // Nike Air Force 1 // similar pom pom beanie // Same brand, almost exact same pom pom hat //

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