Cozy cashmere

Happy Wednesday! It’s so hard to believe January is almost over already. The older I get the more quickly the months and years just fly by. I can hardly keep up. Now, even though we are inching our way closer to spring and even though every magazine, store, and blogger out there is already talking about the latest spring trends… winter is still here guys. Still here. For a while. Let’s let that absorb for a minute. And while I want to bang my head and go ‘ugh’ I know you’d rather I share with you my latest cold season obsession: affordable cashmere.

I recently, quite by accident stumbled upon Everlane and all the affordable luxe they offer and I can’t stop. I want every basic they have, in ever color. They believe in ethical work practices and high quality pieces at a real price point. They don’t charge you $100 for a sweater made out of polyester and acrylic in a factory halfway around the world with questionable conditions for the employees. Their pieces are beautiful, made to last and made by people treated like people. It’s kind of hard not to get on board.

Case in point: my $100 Italian cashmere sweater. I was recently lucky enough to check out their first brick and mortar store in NYC (they’ve been an online only retailer for over 6 years with a cult-like following) and I wanted everything I saw. The beautiful Italian leather boots, their infamous wide leg pants (bought some and am patiently awaiting their back order restock!) their buttery soft wool and cashmere sweaters, and their incredible denim.

This particular sweater is so perfect. It is a gorgeous shade of maroon and has a slightly boxy fit keeping it modern, yet the quality and minimal style of it makes it a classic I can’t wait to pull out for every fall and winter, pairing it with jeans, pants and even white bottoms alike.Thus far I’ve ended up with 2 classic sweaters and a pair of their ochre wide leg pants. (I can’t wait for those beauties to arrive to share them with you all.) My husband is also on this gravy train and has been wearing a pair of their dark denim jeans for so many days in a row he added a second pair in black just to be able to wash his blue ones. Yea guys, their stuff is that good.

I paired my super soft sweater with some black distressed skinny jeans, charcoal suede boots, and a new favorite coat by Sandro. (I just can’t get enough of Sandro’s outerwear. It’s so darn beautiful) and topped it off with a black wool hat. It’s a classic wintery look that can be easily repeated year after year without going out of style. I’ve linked up a few of my other Everlane favorites for ya below. If you are in need of some updated basics that are beyond a doubt worth double their price for their superior quality… check out their offerings. And if you, like me, wouldn’t mind supporting a company that supports other humans and believes in fairness, then definitely be sure to check them out.

Hoping you’re staying warm as we slip back into wintery weather. Xo, Jules

Everlane cashmere mock neck {at $100 it’s perfectly priced and feels so luxe} // Everlane ribbed turtleneck {if only I didn’t have a similar turtleneck already, this one is so lovely} // Everlane wool square turtleneck {own this one is black and wear it way too much- kind of want all the spring colors too!} // Wide leg pants {ordered in ochre and patiently awaiting their arrival. Run a bit big. Order 1 size down} // Alllll the Everlane denim {the quality is so good and the price is even better} // Exact boots {great if you suffer from a skinny calf like me and have a hard time finding tall boots!} // Similar black wool and leather coat {love Mackage coats!} // Similar coat {on sale!}//

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