Camel & Cream While I Dream Spring Things

Happy hump day. What a week it has been. The weather has had me all over the place and the mid-winter creative slump has definitely hit. I just keep dreamin’ dreams of pretty spring things; florals, airy fabrics, eyelets, shades of white, and stripes with nautical twists… And I can’t seem to pull together fun winter looks anymore. Which is a problem since the temps are a far cry from spring. So to combat my spring fever from taking over while still staying warm I’ve been layering up in light colors and fabrics like this favorite cotton knit cream Vince sweater, light blue mom jeans, and favorite Camel coat. It’s usually (when it’s not freezing out) enough to keep me warm while satisfying that spring fever craving. Just be sure to add an extra thermal layer beneath it all like wool socks and long sleeve tees and you’ll be toasty warm.


A camel coat to get you through the in-between seasons is a must in my book. It’s transitional enough to count as both a fall coat and a spring coat and makes any outfit look pulled together. I’ve worn it with leggings, a sweatshirt and sneakers and felt just as nice and I’ve worn it paired with a pretty dress, tights and heels. I searched high and low for many years until I had all but given up when I stumbled upon this Zara one last spring. Unfortunately that means I don’t have this exact one to link for you, but fortunately I have found some similar ones. The cream sweater is such a pretty chunky knit by Vince. It’s cotton and a bit cropped with a drop shoulder silhouette making it perfect with a pretty camel color on top. I pulled on some baby blue mom jeans by Rag & Bone and brown suede ankle boots by Sam Edelman from last season (not really considered oldies, but definitely goodies) and walked out the door hoping for some sunshine through the bitter cold temps.

So to shift gears a bit and really get the creative juices flowing for early spring… what trends are you most excited for? Any particular spring patterns or colors calling to you already? Drop me a line, I’d love to hear about what new goodies to keep my eyes peeled for for the new season!

xo, jules

similar camel coat {classic lines by such a classic brand} // similar camel coat II {another classic style that will be timeless} // beautiful camel coat option {ugh, limited sizing left – if they have yours, don’t hesitate!!} // investment camel coat {ok, hear me out… you can wear this 2, maybe 3 seasons out of the year and it’s on major sale!} // same brand, similar jean // Everlane slim boyfriend jean {I mean you knew it was coming right? great jeans, great price. Order 1 size down for a slightly more ‘slim/modern’ fit} // similar cream sweater // budget friendly cream knit sweater {don’t hate, Forever21 occasionally has some real gems to offer} // exact suede brown boot {ugh! limited sizing} // similar brown suede bootie {same brand and even more wearable style thanks to the lower heel} //

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