Glass blowing experience: the Glass Asylum

Happy weekend dears! Today’s Food Friday post may look a little different and special because it’s a little Cleveland post instead. As a Clevelander I always find myself in awe of all the awesome local places, activities and food that I am surrounded by and I always find there is so much more out there that I have yet to experience and try.

I recently got to try something totally out of my element and comfort zone thanks to some awesome friends at Citrus Social and The Glass Asylum: glass blowing. Now, if you know me you know I love a great (fairly easy) DIY project but glass blowing has always been a slightly terrifying idea to a clumsy, klutzy girl like me.

Luckily Chris, the owner and his awesome crew at The Glass Asylum make it very fun and very easy to create beautiful, one of a kind glass pieces (that you will actually use) for even a klutz like me.

On top of graciously hosting a group of bloggers and glass-blowing-newbies, their neighbors at M Italian and friends at Jim Alesci’s Place provided delicious snacks and refreshments throughout the evening and ensured we had an amazingly delicious time. It was such a tasty and awesome night to be a part of!

The Glass Asylum is located in Chagrin Falls Ohio inside a cool, upscale building it shares with yummy neighbors M Italian. The studio offers unique glass blowing experiences, workshops and shopping for customers of any skill level. The owner Chris Crimaldi is a self taught artist who began glass blowing in 2009 and opened up The Glass Asylum in 2015. He is an incredible artist who specializes in creating beautiful translucent glass light fixtures that can be seen on display at many cool Cleveland restaurants including M Italian. His passion for his work and teaching others shines through as he encourages customers to learn how to blow glass through various workshops and unique group experiences at the studio. In addition to Chris there is an equally amazing staff of artists at the studio who were incredibly patient and helpful throughout the experience and make you feel right at home (even if it’s your very first time) in front of the 2,000 degree oven used to melt the glass.

I ended up making a very pretty and sweet little bud vase which now sits on my windowsill in my kitchen so I can stare at my hard work each time I wash the dishes. I would love to go back and create something else as well. There is just something so special about creating a beautiful, unique piece rather than simply buying it. It gives you a feeling and connection to that piece because it has a very special back story that (hopefully) fills you with pride. I love showing it off and telling people that I made this and I hope to be able to make more pretty things in the near future.

Check out The Glass Asylum online or pay them a visit to watch the artists in action and plan your own glass blowing experience! xo, jules.

The Glass Asylum

22 W. Orange Street
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022


M Italian

22 West Orange St.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
(440) 247-7474

Jim Alesci’s

32910 Solon Rd in Solon, Ohio.

(440) 498-0888

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