Vetta Capsule Pant

You know you love a piece when your post title is the name of that clothing and nothing else. I have been on the hunt for a pair of cream-nude relaxed pants with a tapered leg for summer for the last few months. And my list of requirements was pretty high: light, airy fabric, not see-through, and loose enough to be comfy but still fitted through the tusch and leg to dress up. A tall order to fill, no? So it’s no surprise that months go by and I have yet to land on the pair of my dreams.

Until I randomly stumbled upon the Vetta Capsule pant. I had spied some Vetta pieces on minimalist blogger faves like Lee of Style Bee, Caroline of Un-fancy, and Kellie from The Wholehearted Wardrobe and I was so intrigued by Vetta’s effortlessly cool pieces and awesome mission in conscious fashion. Vetta creates a mini capsule wardrobe with 5 pieces that all can be mixed and remixed to create gorgeous outfits for a month. And the best part? All the pieces are multi-functional. Take their Tunic for example. It can serve as both a longer top over a pant or legging or even a swimsuit coverup or mini-dress. Plus, their mission to better our world of over consumption and unethical labor practices makes them all the better to shop from.

All that goodness set aside, I took a leap of faith and ordered their pant in sand in xs. They fit perfect for a size 25 in denim, 0 in pants. Featuring an elastic waist (more room for tacos I say), front and rear pockets and a tapered leg that hits a little below the ankle which I truthfully could and should probably get hemmed for my 5’4″ frame. The fabric is a beautiful mix of linen and tencel and is perfectly airy for summertime while not at all see-through. Basically they tick all the boxes for me.

I paired them with an old favorite gray Madewell tee, a red Madewell bandana, and turquoise necklace. Finished it off with my go-to Panama hat, some gold sunnies and gold slip on sandals and some cold lemon water to sip on because a girl has to stay hydrated in this heat wave! I’ve worn this look (or a similar one) multiple times in the last month or so and I always feel perfectly cool and comfortable. I’ve also worn these pants with a great navy short sleeve sweater and a mule heel for date night, with my new beautiful rust raw silk Elizabeth Suzann top (side note: the images do not do this color/top justice! It’s beautiful) and some gold accessories, and have big plans for these pants for an upcoming weekend getaway!

Guys, I am not kidding, I was packing and seriously having issues coming up with outfits that didn’t involve these pants! They’re so great and match every color and pattern in my wardrobe. I love them causally with a loose tee or dressed up with a more fitted top and heel.

Plus, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am trying very hard to pare down my wardrobe and become a more conscious shopper. Now, I’m nowhere (I repeat: nowhere) near those beautiful, minimal closet goals of conscious fashionista bloggers out there… but I’m trying and it’s a slow process for a girl who has always been an emotional-therapy-shopper. I’ve been working to re-evaluate the pieces I own and do wear and the ones I own but don’t wear. And working to ask myself what the quality and necessity of an item is before I buy it. Am I adding value to my wardrobe? Can this item last for years? Is it multi-purposeful? Multi-seasonal? Does it fit perfectly and look great on or am I just settling to fill a void? Do I actually need this item? And lastly, (but maybe most importantly) was this responsibly made?

That last question is an even bigger issue than just my own personal shopping habits, it is an issue that effects our world and others living in it as a whole and I am honestly not educated enough to discuss on here yet. But, with how our current world of disposable everything is going (to hell in a hand basket) and with the fear that we will have nothing left for our children or grandchildren…I have felt a sense of urgency to do something, make a positive change at least within myself. Plus, no matter how many ill-fitting, trendy pieces I buy, I inevitably don’t reach for them after their 1 season shelf life. They either become out of style, I get sick of pretending it fits when it doesn’t, or the quality is lacking and they just don’t hold up after a handful of wears. And quite frankly, I’m sick of myself, my wallet is sick of it, and the need to constantly buy and buy to stay up on trends is exhausting. (End rant.)

I have been more and more impressed with companies that are advocates for responsible fashion and ethical in their treatment of both the factory workers creating the clothing we wear and the environment. And these companies are growing every year, every month. Their pieces are both beautiful and great quality and are made with sustainable fabrics and in responsible factories. And, the more I learn, the more my desire to own less but own better and from companies making a difference grows.

I am obviously still learning and have a lot of paring down and work to do within myself and my wardrobe but I’d like to think that every little effort helps make a difference. And while I don’t intend to throw away my entire existing closet full of “bad” clothes, I am trying to be more conscious of the items I am adding and add less.

Happy almost-weekend! Stay tuned to see some highlights of our upcoming travel adventure!


Vetta Capsule Tapered Pant {tts, wearing xs} // Similar gray Madewell tee {I’ve owned mine a year and sadly a tiny hole is developing, probably my fault but still: Wahhh} // Everlane gray pocket tee {Everlane is an awesome, ethical brand with amazing basics, I will likely replace my current tee with this one} // Madewell red bandana // Madewell turquoise necklace {love pairing this color with red!} // Cuyana white Panama hat // Similar metallic sandal //

2 thoughts on “Vetta Capsule Pant

  1. Loved your post and I totally agree to the conscious shopping practice… we waste a lot of money on the clothing pieces which we hardly wear once or never… you have taken a great initiative…also, your look is just perfect in that cool outfit 😊👌


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