Pretty Baubles by Diana Peters Designs

Happy Wednesday! Before we launch into our Napa getaway I wanted to share a pretty little bauble that my super talented cousin Diana of Diana Peters Designs gifted me.

This custom bracelet is made of agate which is a semi precious stone and supposed to be calming, bring harmony, mute tensions and welcome peace and balance. It is also one of the oldest healing stones and is used as a protective stone too. So many uses for such a pretty bauble, no?

The bracelet itself is simply beautiful. DPD offers so many pretty colors to choose from (see more on their Instagram here) in matte or shine finish that I had a very hard time even picking a favorite, but something about the neutral color called to me (surprise, surprise) and I just love how it goes with any outfit and compliments all my existing jewelry. The bracelets are on a stretchy band and wrap easily around my (super skinny) wrist twice. So it’s almost like having a matching set of bracelets in one! It doesn’t pinch and isn’t too loose where it slides all over your arm throughout the day. Instead it remains perfectly comfortable adding just the right pop to any outfit. Even though I specifically wanted the neutral one, any of the colors would compliment most outfits. I’ve worn mine with jeans and a white muscle tank tucked in and a pair of converse as well as with an all black outfit with just a pop of color for date night. The bracelet will go with any outfit for just about any acidity.

If you’ve been looking for a unique, made to order gift for the hard-to-shop-for-friend or family member or just looking to add a quality, pretty bracelet definitely check out Diana Peters Design collection. There are so many gems to choose from! I’ve linked a few favorites below.

Xo, Jules

Matte white bracelet {love the matte finish}// Aqua bracelet {how pretty is that color?!} // Black bracelet {can’t go wrong with the color that matches it all: black!}

3 thoughts on “Pretty Baubles by Diana Peters Designs

  1. How pretty! This bracelet looks like a perfect addition to the everyday wardrobe. I love how it has healing properties, such a bonus!


  2. Had to go check out her Instagram before I finished reading. I’m really loving the all white one her account! So lucky to have such talent in the family!!!


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