1 piece, 3 ways style series: beige crop sweater

Happy Wednesday friends! In honor of the seasons turning soon I thought I would launch a fun new series on here. You may have caught on that over the last few months and posts I have been talking about minimizing some of my wardrobe and really paring down my closet. I have spent a lot of time focusing on only keeping or adding pieces I really love, fit my lifestyle (and my body), and will get worn for seasons and years to come. And let me tell you, it has been no easy feat. Anyone who has cleaned out their closet knows it’s not only incredibly hard to purge and let go, it’s hard not to go on a major shopping spree to fill any freed up space.

So, in an effort to maximize my current and even recent additions, I’ve launch a new series that shows you at least 3 fun ways to style a single piece. And unlike a lot of series out there like this, these are ways I actually have or plan to wear these pieces. Although a lot of the styles will be seasonal (ie: a midi dress styled for summer, transition season, and for fall) a lot of them won’t as well. Some looks may all lean a little fall or all lean a little summer. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy and I hope it inspires you to reassess ways to love and mix up your current favorites too!

First up I decided to give this pretty little cropped sweater a go. This sweater was a recent purchase while on a getaway weekend in Napa from a picturesque little boutique in downtown Yountville. A cropped sweater in a neutral color has been on my list for some time now and although it may not seem like it, it was actually hard to find. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon it quite randomly in the peak of summer. I love how cropped length tops look with high waisted bottoms as well as over a loose camisole. This one is 100% cashmere but still tissue thin and light enough to start wearing during the summer-to-fall transition. The color is perfect and probably will match 99% of my wardrobe. Here I paired it with a soft breezy camisole, white jeans and neutral slide sandals for a pretty little date night look. I also loved how cute it looked paired with my high waisted Everlane skinny jeans and some oxfords. Throw in a ponytail and some chic jewelry and you’re ready to head into a relaxed weekend. And finally I paired it with my (still) favorite Vetta Capsule tapered pants, white Cole Haan sneakers, fedora, and some accessories for a great end-of-summer-look. I actually sort of can’t wait to take both of these pieces on any future winter beach vacations since this look just screams evening on the beach to me. 😉

I’ll be honest, although this type of sweater was on my wish list I was a little worried about how I would actually pull of wearing it. I worried that it was more of a ‘pretty on others not on me’ look and that it would get cast aside so I resisted purchasing similar ones I had spotted over the last few months. But honestly, I love the way it looks. I actually really enjoy how it is on its own, no frills with a simple high waisted bottom and some flats as well as how it looks thrown over a soft camisole with a bit of a heel. I am also eager to see it play with all my blacks, navy, browns, greens and maroons come fall and to see how it looks thrown over a cozy fitted midi dress! So many possibilities.

xo, jules

2 thoughts on “1 piece, 3 ways style series: beige crop sweater

  1. All such fabulous looks – just love your style! Really love that awesome little bag in the first photo as well. Great idea for a new series – can’t wait to see what else you feature.


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